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Company Profile

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IT service company

Shanghai Realits information technology Co., ltd. is a company focused on IT service business that Beijing Shenlan Norte Technology Co., Ltd. spins off the value-added service division and operates independently.

Deep Blue Service Division was established on May 4, 2010, and Realits was established on October 20, 2015, with a registered capital of 20 million yuan, and now has ITSS, ISO9001, ISO20001, ISO27001, high-tech enterprise and other industry qualifications. 
Realits mainly provides technical support services for the key businesses of the country's core major industries, ensuring the stable and safe operation of businesses related to the national economy and people's livelihood.

Major industry customers include: public security (ministries, departments, municipal bureaus, traffic police), finance (banks, insurance, payment), operators (telecoms), transportation (urban intelligent transportation, subways, railways), social security, finance and taxation (national and local taxation) , finance) and other core pillar industries/sectors.

The main business includes data center-based IT operation and maintenance, IT maintenance, weak current engineering and other businesses. It has established nearly ten service outlets in major provinces across the country and has more than 60 service engineers. It fully covers the technical service capabilities of mainstream brands such as IBM/HP/SUN/ORACLE/EMC/HDS/NETAPP/CISCO/HUAWEI/Lenovo/Inspur.


Market/Industry Status

Shanghai Realits Information Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional IT service company, focusing on IT service business.  

In the big IT service industry, Realits overall business scale belongs to the second echelon, ranking the top five.

In the IT maintenance sub-industry, Realits ranks first in terms of overall business scale.  

Realits has an excellent reputation of being professional and honest in the market, and taking this as the core marketing method, it continues to expand the domestic regional territory.

Realits has only ten branches/service outlets nationwide, namely: Shanghai Headquarters, Beijing Guangzhou Branch, Chengdu Branch, Changchun Office, Wuhan Office, Xi'an Office, Lanzhou Service Station, and Weak Current Company.

Partner mechanism

Realits is a company that has decided and implemented a partnership mechanism since its establishment.

Realits partners are the company's valuable wealth and backbone, the company's highest honor and benefit guarantee for team employees, and the foundation for the company's sustainable development and growth.

Ruier Partners may have shortcomings/defects, but they must have their own outstanding highlights and advantages.

Ruier's decision-making team consists of three-tier partner shareholders. They are: business-level shareholders, management shareholders, and ordinary staff-level shareholders.
The company functions corresponding to the third-level partners of Realits are:

Business-level shareholders: investor + general manager.

Management Shareholders: Center/Department level managers.

Ordinary employee-level shareholders: senior front-line employees in various fields, including various types of specialists in platform positions, various senior/expert engineers in technical positions, and senior sales in business positions.



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