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IT Infrastructure Services

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Overall outsourcing model: Realits undertakes backup machine guarantee, compensation for damage to spare parts, and provides support for fault diagnosis, engineer on-site replacement, quarterly inspection, operating system software, and configuration change support.

Warranty mode: Realits undertakes the hardware guarantee of the equipment, compensation for damage to spare parts, fault diagnosis, and on-site replacement. However, it does not include software support such as operating system and dual-machine software, and does not assume responsibility for data and system security.

Hardware warranty model: Realits undertakes spare machine guarantee and compensation for damage to spare parts, but does not provide fault diagnosis, on-site replacement and other technical support.

Manual service mode: Realits only provides remote and on-site technical support for engineers, but does not undertake spare machine guarantee and compensation for damage to spare parts.

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Realits Technology provides a three-level technical support support system.

Dedicated project team: For medium and large-scale projects, an exclusive project team is configured, and members cannot be reused by other projects.

Front-line mobile team: mobile engineers with intermediate and senior skills on the platform of each service station, office, and branch company are used for mobile substitutes when there is a temporary shortage of team members in the exclusive project team, and technical support for small and medium-sized projects.

Second-line support team: The expert technical engineers on the platform of each branch and headquarters are used to diagnose and deal with difficult faults of all projects.

Realits Technology provides a three-level spare parts guarantee support system.

Exclusive project spare parts warehouse: Provide local spare parts warehouse guarantee for medium-to-large or remote area projects. Generally deployed in each service station or project site.

Regional Center Spare Parts Warehouse: It is used to ensure spare parts allocation and delivery support for projects in the region, and is generally located in the center city of the region.

Headquarters spare parts warehouse: It is used for national spare parts allocation, storage, testing and other support, and is set up at the Shanghai headquarters.

Realits Technology provides a variety of SLA response support.

7x24x4: Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all year round. Arrive at the scene within 4 hours when a major failure occurs.

7x10xND: seven days a week, daily working hours, 365 days a year to respond. Arrived at the scene on the second natural day when a major failure occurred.

5x8xNBD: Respond only on legal business days. Arrive on site the next business day in the event of a major failure

Customized SLA: According to the actual needs of customers, the response level can be flexibly customized.

Realits follows ITIL and ITSS to formulate strict management of various delivery/risk control processes.

Project execution planning process: including project initiation letter, project team member list, routine task planning and tracking, emergency task execution tracking, staged acceptance management and other planning processes.

Configuration/Plan Change Management Process: A risk control management process for implementing task changes or implementing program changes.

Spare parts delivery management process: The management process of each link in response to spare parts delivery.

Management process of technical dispatch: the management process for each link of engineer delivery response.

Special management process for major failures: In response to the delivery response of major failure tasks, a corresponding fast and safe management process is specially formulated and activated.

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